Thanks for checking out my websume [web-zoo-mey]!

This page will provide some background about me as well as share some insight into what drives me every day. As a person, I am an energetic individual who is highly personable.  Self-driven and competitive, I am always striving to be the best I can be.  I consider myself a problem solver, being able to think outside the box to provide a solution that may not be obvious to others. Whether working in teams or independently, I have had success in managing projects to complete tasks efficiently and effectively.

I am an effective and inspirational leader. I have successfully managed small teams of up to 15 people. I have been told that I am the “only boss who (my employee) did not want to push down a flight of stairs”.

In my experience, I am most productive when I maintain balance in my life. In an effort to do this, I enjoy traveling, water skiing, swimming, working out, cooking and learning new activities. I have a close family that makes me laugh on a daily basis. Although financial incentives are important, I am personally driven by creative and continuous challenges.  The right position for me will be one that unites my faith with God’s purpose for my life. While there are a lot of companies that believe faith has no place in business, I believe business without God is pointless.

My faith is a strong part of my life. Faith, Family, Fitness and Fun are the four core values I have that drive the rest of my life. When these four areas are in balance, everything else comes easily and, seemingly, falls into place.